Don’t Overdo It: How to Properly Wear Cologne

Cologne can be a man’s best accessory, but only if they don’t get carried away. Unfortunately, far too many men insist on dousing themselves, subjecting everyone in their path to a cloud that can make them cough, sputter or flee to catch their breath. These men are not intentionally trying to overpower others; they just [...]

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How to Tame Long Hair in the Summer

No matter how much we may love our long mermaid hair, we’re all tempted to chop it all off every now and then during the sweltering summer. Creeping tendrils sticking to your sweaty neck, curls popping out in every direction and wind-swept strands getting wrapped in your purse strap are only the beginning of a [...]

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Four Ways to Keep Skin Healthy in the Heat

It’s nearly summer, which means it’s time to bust out the tank tops, sandals, swimsuits and breezy clothes. But between midday runs, trips to the beach and getting blasted by the sun every time you leave the car, how are you supposed to keep all that exposed skin healthy? You can improve your summer skin [...]

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5 Best Fruity Perfumes for the Warm Weather

The sun is out, your shades are down and it’s time to whip out those fruity perfumes to keep you smelling fresh and sweet all summer long. Finding the best fruity perfumes is especially important when you’re looking for perfumes for the warm weather because the heat can really do a number on your otherwise [...]

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6 Summer Makeup Tips that Actually Work

We want to look our best throughout the year, but summertime seems to be the season when we all want to look our brightest and liveliest. Unfortunately, our normal makeup products and routines don’t always jive with the sweltering summer heat and the sweat that comes along with it. Check out these great summer makeup [...]

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Cutting Back Clutter: How to Keep the Bathroom Organized

Every household has that one pesky area that seems to never stay clean for more than a day. For many of us, that area is the bathroom. Frequently used but seldom cleaned, our poor bathrooms are often left to sink under a mound of clutter. Whether you’re shoving aside empty makeup containers or are struggling [...]

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3 Steps to Feel Fresh in the Sweltering Summer

Even though most of us have jobs year-round, we still associate the summertime with vacations, relaxation and a reprieve from the harsh winds of winter. Unfortunately, this reprieve means that we often have to deal with heat so suffocating that it melts the makeup right off our faces and causes us to break into a [...]

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Best Spring Fragrances for Men

Spring is here, which means that your brightest colors likely arrive in time for all the blooms. During this time, men often seek out scents that are refreshing and tantalizing but never heavy. While fall and winter scents should remind us of a soft leather chair, pipe tobacco or a roaring fire, the best spring [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Throwing Out Old Skincare and Makeup Products

Maybe you can’t find your favorite product on the shelves anymore, or perhaps you’re frugal with your products and your finances. Either way, these aren’t excuses for holding on to your skincare and makeup products longer than you should. Avoid annoying skin and eye irritations by throwing out old skincare and makeup products before they [...]

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Getting the Perfect “Fresh Look” This Spring

Creating the perfect “fresh look” this spring takes an artful amount of subtlety and glamor, and we’re here to help you find the perfect look for you. Learn how you can complete your look this spring with the perfect combination of makeup, fashion and fragrance. Lighter Makeup for Your Lively Face In terms of beauty, [...]

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